Easily migrate your WordPress shared hosting websites on the public cloud and ensure great performance and security. Our Smokin tool lets you decide if your website needs to handle 30k requests per day, or 8 million. Backed up by additional server monitoring and alerting, you’re guaranteed peace of mind and significantly lower infrastructure costs. 


/speed optimization - up to 30 times faster than shared hosting

/enterprise-grade servers - availability, durability, and scalability for your existing website

/cost optimization -  nothing more, nothing less to run your WordPress

/extra security - additional protection defined by the card payment industry 

smokin/tool will not only migrate seamlessly your WordPress website to the cloud but will also give you:

/dashboard overview in one convenient location for bandwidth tracking, server statistics, audit information, SSL certificate monitoring, as well as all the management tools you need

/easy navigation and yet packed with advanced features and tools that developers will love

/production and staging ready without hassle - easy clone your website to staging address before production deployment

/audit and alarming to have a better sleep at night and worry-free WordPress experience