We make WordPress websites fast and secure by optimizing their cloud hosting via our unique tool*

*The smokin/tech tool installs and maintains the latest versions for Nginx, Redis, MariaDB, PHP-FPM but, also monitors and alerts you if something goes off track. Its many blades go smoothly through all the cloud requirements and configurations for WordPress. It is going to be your automatic system administrator's Swiss army knife that autonomously handles routine cloud tasks. 


/ optimize your WordPress instances to run up to 30 times faster

/ migrate your existing WordPress instance on the cloud

/ secure your cloud hosting  

/ reduce your costs 

With our tool, your WordPress will handle up to 8,640,000 requests per day. 

You can have the most proficient, cost-efficient cloud hosting in less than four minutes. 

Lets do it

/ secure by default

/ run on your public cloud 

/ highly available out of the box

/ cost-effective from the first deployment/migration