smokin/cirrus is our solution for the high traffic business, the busy e-commerce, and mission-critical websites that need highly available infrastructure, security, and cost optimization for their WordPress platform. Whether you need easy management of the traffic load or you want to ensure extra availability; smokin/cirrus is your one-stop-shop solution for your WordPress website.

The dashboard overview will give you one convenient location for bandwidth tracking, server statistics, audit information, SSL certificate monitoring, as well as all the features for creating staging environments, and encrypted backups.

/ ~ 20,000 visits per day

Double the power, double the traffic! The smokin/cirrus solution will make your WordPress websites 60 times faster than your shared hosting solution. Plus it gives you high availability.

/ load-balancing

The traffic is load-balanced and each server will handle an equal amount of workload, so your website will benefit from increased performance, and users will not experience any outages at any time.

/ encrypted backups

The smokin/cirrus solution will provide you the security that you need, and the safety that your website users deserve with the encrypted backups. No more worries about lost stuff or hacked backups. 


/ highly loaded websites will load smoothly

/ traffic will be equally handled between the servers

/ enterprise security will be applied

/ outages will be reduced to a minimum

/ encryption of backups will ensure clean website restore

/ monitoring will keep an eye on the website health 

/ scanning will alert you for malware

/ dashboard will give you additional control and stats

* Launch discount: try smokin/stratus now for 1 month and we’ll give you additionally 2 months subscription for FREE. 

* VAT might be applied depending on the country of purchase