- everything from / stratus plus:

/ enterprise security will be applied

/ no one will worry about traffic spikes

/ medium business will be highly-available

/ encryption of backups for secury storage

* Suitable for single website

* Launch discount: as a compliment for being one of the first smokin / customers, we’ll give you a 3 month subscription for the price of 1

* VAT might be applied depending on the country of purchase

/ ~ 20,000 visits per day

Double the power, double the traffic, or up to 60 times faster than your shared hosting account, plus it's highly available.

/ load-balancing

The traffic is load balanced and the servers will handle equal amount of traffic, so your website will be always reachable.

/ encrypted backups

Your backups will be super secure. No more worries about lost stuff, or hacked backups.