/ ~ 10,000 visits per day

Or up to 30 times faster than shared hosting.
Yes, you got it right. With our products the cheapest cloud servers can handle 30 times more than a shared hosting for almost the same price as they are optimised by us and owned by you.

/ reduced downtime

Cloud servers are times more powerful and stable than the shared hosting ones. Your IP will not be blocked like in case another customer on the same shared hosting gets hacked.

/ more secure

You own the server, we apply the best security practices on it. No more sharing space with other websites that get infected often. You take full control of your server with us.


/ bloggers will connect easier

/ influencers will get more traffic 

/ everyone can migrate existing websites

/ monitoring will keep an eye on the website health 

/ robots will scan for malwares 

* Suitable for single website

* Launch discount: as a compliment for being one of the first smokin / customers, we’ll give you a 3 month subscription for the price of 1

* VAT might be applied depending on the country of purchase